Hello my name is Karen O'Donoghue and I am passionate about health and fitness.

I enjoy all areas of fitness- Swimming, Running, Bike Riding, Weight training, Kettle Bell training , Triathlon...... the list is endless. I enjoy the sense of achievement I get from exercise and freedom it gives me.

As a nutritional advisor I am hugely passionate about healthy eating. I don't believe diets are the answer and calorie counting for life isn't fun but with a few different lifestyle choices achieving goals becomes a lot easier and much more enjoyable. Please check out my blog for receipts and ideas.

I am a Premier trained Personal Trainer and nutritional advisor. I decided to train as a Personal trainer as I have found people asking me for training help, help with their diets, event training and about general health for years. I love seeing people get results and enjoyment from exercise and being able to make lifestyle changes that affect their future.