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Everyone beats themselves up over not being able to exercise the amount they feel they should, need to or want to and whilst exercise is important and a massive part of achieving goals the biggest part that people don't stress enough about is their nutrition.

Don't get me wrong, people worry that they shouldn't be eating this or that but they don't give enough thought to the real reason that they are eating the wrong thing which is that they don't prepare enough in advance.

As a mother of two I think constantly about my children's meals and my husbands packed lunch but I am the same as everyone else because I don't think about myself. In reality if I thought about myself just for a small amount of time each week then this would allow me to have more time to train and do other things.

Example - one hour lunch break, chicken salad bought from home. Train for 40 minutes, run, swim, gym-what ever you want to do. Eat salad....boom back to work.

Example- one hour lunch break, no food prepared. Que in a coffee shop, café etc to buy an over priced carb fuelled sandwich, costing a fortune, taking up quite a lot of time. This also adds temptation-it's been a bad day so that muffin does look good. You now have 35 minutes left of your lunch break to eat and train- admit it, it just isn't going to happen. Or you sacrifice food for training, get too hungry and go straight for that muffin later in the afternoon.

Dedicating time to cooking food, whilst cooking other food, for the evening meal for example would allow your time to be regained. You can either cook extra of what ever you are cooking or prepare a selection of different meals, store them in Tupperware boxes so you can pick and choose your daily lunch break meal.

A good example of things to have in your fridge to prepare a nutritious meal from is chicken, lightly cooked vegetables, olives, boiled eggs, feta, salad, peppers, cucumber, quinoa, rice. Go the the super market, grab a load of fresh ingredients and see what you come up with.

I keep a selection of food in the fridge because although I am often working from home I know I won't give my self enough thought and when it comes to the time I am hungry I won't be prepared.

Life is an event, prepare for it!

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