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Roasted Butternut squash soup

Roasted Butternut Squash and pepper Soup

1 Butternut squash
2 red peppers
1 Garlic bulb whole
1 tin of chickpeas
Chilli flakes

• Peal & dice the butternut squash
• Cut the peppers into segments, removing the seeds
• Toss is a little avocado oil and put on a baking tray

• Cut the top of the garlic bulb off and place in a silver foil parcel with a small amount of Avocado oil
• Place both into a pre heated oven at 200degrees for 35 minutes, half way through remove the peppers and peel the skins off.
• Blitz all ingredients with a hand whisk or blender, adding pepper and chilli flakes(careful not too many) If you prefer your soup more watery then add water as you go along.

This will then keep nicely in your fridge. Add the chickpeas when you heat it up on the hob and the spinach, a lot of spinach.

Protein boost-Add some roasted ripped up chicken.

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