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Become comfortable with being uncomfortable

I know a lot of people who scoff when I mention running 'Oh no I don't run' they say or they don't exercise because they are unfit! Or just don't like exercise but have they ever really stopped to wonder why they don't........ can't.......... won't?
Is it because it makes them uncomfortable, pushed them outside their comfort zone, Scares them?
There is an activity out there for everyone, something that makes you sweat, something you enjoy doing but most people will opt for the thing they find easy, are good at and doesn't push them to the edge of their limits.
The biggest thing that all these people have in common is not being comfortable with being uncomfortable.
The human body is lazy, it will always try to find the way out, the easy option, make you believe that for one reason or another something isn't possible. With running it's not being able to breath, panic sets in and you stop. With cycling it's your legs burning like nothing else you have experienced before and then you stop. With a deep squat it's having to push like your life depends on it, using muscles you never knew existed, being scared of failure so you stop. As soon as you become comfortable with being uncomfortable it all clicks into place.
At the point of sweating a lot of people find they are uncomfortable. In day to day life we as adults go out of our way not to sweat so why would we feel comfortable with sweating? It's only when we get that association: exercise=sweating + pushing yourself=feeling good that we seek it out, Crave it and realise it is our window to success, achievement and freedom. Listen to your body but don't always believe what it says. Take control and start telling it what you expect of it. Give it goals and aims and mostly tell it that it is ok being uncomfortable.

You will start to find things that push you to become uncomfortable because it's only then that you know that you have pushed yourself.

Life is an event, it won't always be comfortable.

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