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Transtramuntana TT4500 Update

With about one month to go I wanted to post an update about my client who is riding the Transtramuntana TT4500. I have spent the last few weeks talking him out of not doing the event.
He has felt because of work commitments, family and life in general getting in the way he just has not had the time to train like he feels he should have. This has presented a massive physcology block for him and he has panicked.
The pressure of doing a big event is half of the battle because you never feel like you have done quite enough preparation or that you have done it well enough. It does add pressure to your life because you know there is something at the end of it, it isn't just being fit.
So I have reassured him and told him the plain honest truth, which is that him not doing it isn't actually an option(caring I know!) His character make up which allows him to enter events such as this is also the same character make up that would beat him up for ever if he didn't do it and didn't give it his all.
So thoughts are turning to Tapering, prep and organisation.
I will let you know how gets on.

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