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Seasonal Fitness

Are you one of those people that do things seasonally. Do you give up drinking for January, Start a New Year's resolution every year by joining the gym and go twice before the end of February, Stop smoking in October, Train in the lead up to the summer so you look better on the beach. Walk a marathon with friends to then stop walking all together after the event. Are you sick of the constant wave you are on, always thinking about the next thing you have to tackle 'for your health.'
I will tell you a secret that isn't actually a secret-It doesn't have to be like this. Yo Yo dieting doesn't work, so why do it? Hitting the gym hard for a few weeks won't keep you in shape, so why do it? Counting calories or restricting your daily calorie intake isn't fun so why do it?
What if I told you that you can achieve your ideal weight, health and fitness goals and have more time to do what you want and enjoy, what would you say to me?
It isn't a magic pill that I have. I can't cast a spell either but I can suggest that you stick to two simple rules that will do all of these. Eat clean and exercise regularly. It is a simple as that! You don't have to work yourself up into a panic as the sun starts to shine through the clouds because it means summer is on the way and that means holiday and that means bikini because if you follow these two principles you will be ready for your holiday and bikini fit. You won't have to spend time trudging around all the local gyms in the cold pretending you will start your New Year's resolution just to find them all pretty much the same because they are all pretty much the same and do the same thing(only if you use them)
So ask yourself what is stopping you from getting off that wave? Start making exercise as important as sleeping, eating and breathing and all of the above won't be an issue to you anymore and all of a sudden you will have more time, energy and control of your life.
Life is an event-Don't ride that wave.

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