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Do you find people, things, places or events inspirational? Do they get you motivated to want to do things differently and better?
My job allows be to be inspired on a daily basis because of the people I come into contact with. Be it the mother of three, with 2 jobs who is running London Marathon on Sunday or the person who has achieved 5 burpees or the 5amer because that's the only time she can smash it.
All of these people make me want to be fitter and healthier so I am able to help them stay fitter and healthier. I also get the opportunity to talk about the most interesting things be it the education system in Switzerland, the arts, The Police system in Columbia or fashion which takes me outside my life in the UK every single day.
I look at people all the time and see something they don't see. People don't know they are inspiring unless they are told. Mostly it's just their life and it ticks along day after day but sometimes people's daily lives are a total inspiration. Take my in-laws. My farther in law is 81 and my mother in law is 76 and they are both fighting fit. They exercise daily, eat healthily (with the odd treat and at that age why not!) and have a positive outlook to life. Just because they are older they haven't just stopped and thought ' Well that's it then, we have my house....we will live here for ever. I have my sofa-why replace it? I can still sit on it. This is my lot, I'm done' Not at all, they are constantly challenging themselves mentally and physically, learning and embracing new things.
There is something inspirational in everyone. Look at your life and inspire yourself and then change something for the better.

Go is too short and it is an event after all.

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