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Yes I know its been a while since I blogged...... I have been busy doing anything but looking at a computer screen but with Christmas fast approaching I thought I would pop a few of my thoughts about the festive season down.
Alot of people struggle during the festive season because of the amount of invites, food, lack of routine and booze. Its almost accepted that you can gain weight over the festive season but why not take the opportunity to do the opposite? I have a client who is going on holiday but she has already made plans with the local gym to train whilst she is away. Great forward thinking and great control!
Its not about not having fun. It's about changing your mind set so you don't pile on the pounds but go into the new year feeling great about yourself. Choose those one or two things that you love. The ones where the calories are worth consuming. Start looking at everything you are eating instead of accepting that you can eat everything because its justified because its Christmas.
It's ok to say no to food items. Nobody is going to judge you for it, infact people will respect you for it.
Also be aware that your daily output may be less. You may not be walking to the bus stop or out at work all day so you wont need as many calories. Just being thoughtful of this will make you ask the question before you eat something. It may get you out and about more and who knows you may love walking, running, cycling etc?
Added weight doesn't appear over night but it certainly wont disappear over night either so being mindful of your output and what you eat will keep you on track into 2020.
Life is an event, Mince pies aren't!

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