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What weird times for everyone around the world. Regardless of where you live, job, wealth, it would have effected you.I know people who love it and I also know people who are really struggling to cope with the lack of routine and lack of social contact.
Through this time I have been lucky enough to still have contact with my clients via zoom. Sharing this time with them has been great, especially knowing that they haven't used the lockdown as an excuse to do nothing. It may not be the same as seeing them in person but they have still sweated, huffed and puffed their way through their sessions in the same way they always have.
The one thing that is clear to every single client at the end each session is how important physical activity is for the body and mind. One client recently thanked me at the end of their session stating he needed that.
It has been fantastic seeing so many people out and about running, cycling, walking and training in any outside space available during this lockdown. I know alot of people have alot more time on their hands and I just hope they continue to find that time for themselves at the end of this.
Stuff to buy doesn't matter, the latest episode of a soap doesn't matter but what does matter is being as fit and healthy as possible to give us all the best chance against any illness not just covid.
Life is an event...... more than ever....its back to basics!

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